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6 years of work were necessary to finalize this floating seat invented in the early 1960s...

the hamaka

designed by Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le Cat

to know

6 years that we have all been working on this model…
Her name :the HAMAKA
A floating seat invented in the early 1960s...
Published in 2023 by airborne
 and entirely made in France

Here is his story:


It was in 1962 that  Jean-Paul and Roger Détrie  filed the  patent for the invention of a deckchair with a unique concept:  the pendulum system structure frees the body from gravity for optimal relaxation. They make approximately 2000 Relax between 1963 and 1983 in the French Basque CountryAnne-Laure Détrie Gras, the granddaughter of Roger Détrie wishes to breathe new life into this project, which is both innovative and authentic. She then contacted Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le Cat, a duo of Parisian designers.

“When Anne-Laure, Coralie and Arnaud came to see us, it was obvious for us to support them in the success of this magnificent project. The result is atypical and attracts attention while remaining discreet and elegant: everything we love. Hamaka is a very beautiful human and family story.... 

We hope that it will meet design lovers but also long naps, moments of daydreaming and good times with friends."


hamaka vignette anthracite airborne studio vidal_75dpi (002)_edited.jpg
Coralie Frick et Arnaud Le Cat.jpg

Coralie Frick, born in 1983 in Liechtenstein andArnaud Le Cat, born in 1985 in Paris, invent and design functional and refined design pieces to accompany new lifestyles, light and in motion.

Objects after objects - under the label“You Can Sleep in the Barn” they draw the contours of a minimalist, quality and moving living environment, as part of a French-made approach. Thus, they rigorously reinvent everyday objects to make them timeless and obvious with a refined aesthetic that follows function.

ANNE LAURE CMYK_edited.jpg

“The association with Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le Cat was the discovery of a new universe, imbued with creation, reflection and exchanges.

Airborne opened its doors to support us in this production process. Hamaka is a unique concept of individual swing, which does not exist on the market. The success of Hamaka will also be dedicated to my ancestors and the people who encouraged me.”

Anne-Laure Détrie Gras

Coloris Hamaka


Made entirely in France

H 78 cm - D 95 cm - W 110 cm


Hamaka weight 11.1 kg

Max weight authorized 150 kgs

Delivered on pallet

NF EN 12520:2016


Use : indoor or outdoor under cover

Available in 5 colors:

Batyline Eden Ecru

Batyline Eden red

Batyline Elios Undergrowth

Batyline Elios Anthracite

Black cotton

On command

Minimum 4 weeks

Public price including tax: €1,656

Quote request

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