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Le fauteuil est-il pliable?

Is the AA chair foldable?

No , the AA chair is not foldable.

It is either removable : A base, two ears and 4 sleeves.

It is recommended not to disassemble it after installation.

See also: The notice

Either in 1 single piece since 2024 (without sleeves): the structures

What are the delivery times?

It's simple :

- if it is in stock in the store ,

allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery in mainland France , and 7 to 12 days for Corsica and Europe.

- if it is pre-order , look at the delivery date indicated above the PRE-ORDER button


For any order over €50,

delivery is free in France and Corsica.

See also: Delivery

If this is not the case, make a restocking request and we will notify you by return email.

Homme portant une boîte
Délais de livraison

Can we return an AA cover?

Yes , if the color or material of the cover does not suit you, you can return it at your expense (with colissimo tracking) in its original packaging (and unused) to our address


222 Zac de Peyran

40800 Aire sur l’Adour

Please notify us in advance by email or telephone or 05 58 71 98 20

by mentioning your order or invoice number

and the reason for your return.

We will either refund you or exchange it free of charge.

Retour housse AA

Can I leave the AA chair outside?

Yes , you can leave the black epoxy steel or 316L marine stainless steel structure outside.

You just have to remove the cover in rainy weather to keep it longer.

For the exterior, we recommend the Serge Ferrari batyline .

Cotton , like linen, are more fragile and these materials will require more care and attention.

The 316L marine stainless steel structure is recommended for terraces near the sea and for use with the public.

Est-ce que je peux laisser le fauteuil dehors?

What are the dimensions
of structure AA and BB?

In the photo, the child model (BB) is on the left and the AA (adult model is on the right)

Dimensions AA

How do I know if my structure is indeed a structure published by Airborne?

Between approximately 1952 and 1970 , the Airborne frame was in one piece (without sleeves) and current AA covers fit these older frames perfectly.

For more details: take the dimensions of your structure

and check with the dimensions by following this link: The dimensions of the AA

Between 1970 and today , the AA structures are in 4 parts:

a base, two ears and 4 sleeves.

Since 2011 , they have been engraved on the back of the base

AA followed by the year of manufacture.

The most important thing is to measure your structure,

if you have any doubt about the origin.

Identifier sa structure
Créer un compte ou pas
Au travail

Do I have to create an account to purchase from your website?

No, it is not necessary to create an account.

You can skip this step.

I can't set up my AA structure. How to do?

Start by reading the assembly document provided in the box.

And follow the instructions by watching this video:

- Start by putting the two sleeves on one ear.

- Identify the short part of the ear and position the sleeve on the rear base: push it in by turning slightly

- Position the other part of the ear (the larger one) on the base,

place your foot on the base (as in the video) and move your ear slightly forward then press the sleeve onto the base. If you notice slight resistance, this is normal.

Don't hesitate to force a little by turning the sleeve and moving the ear inwards.

So! do the same with the second ear

Then avoid dismantling your structure.

It's a little hard but you'll get there!

Homme travaillant sur son ordinateur portable

I am a company or a decoration professional, can I order on the website?

As companies or decoration professionals,

you can enjoy a special discount.

I recommend that you send us an email directly to take advantage of this advantage.

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