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Nelson Alves was born in Boulogne Billancourt in 1983. After numerous experiences in Interior Architecture in Bangkok and Ko Phi Phi, he completed a master's degree in design at Strate Collège.


Maxence Boisseau, born in Laval in 1982, undertook work-study design training at the Nantes Atlantique Design School, after training in industrial mechanics.


Within the Design Utility agency, they lead together various technical projects for Véolia, Thalès, etc...


Above all, passionate about decoration and furniture, they founded Studio At-Once in 2008 to give free rein to their unbridled creativity.

Numerous collaborations followed with Thés Dammann Frères, La Maison Kok, and Airborne of course!

Hervé Langlais
hervé langlais

French designer, born in Caen in 1964, Hervé Langlais studied at the Normandy School of Architecture. A collaborator of Paul Andreu for more than 15 years, he participated in the creation of the National Grand Theater of China in Beijing, the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai and numerous other projects in France and abroad.

In 2006 he became the artistic director of The Design Lab, and successfully diverts metal plates and chain mail in the service of design. It was at this time that he proposedAirborne a chainmail cover for the AA armchair: this model is appreciated for its sophisticated and raw look. Opinions are unanimous: it is a rare armchair that combines industrial haute couture and design.

Since 2012, he has been the artistic director of the NEGROPONTES gallery for which he designs each year a collection of objects and furniture, unique pieces in the pure tradition of French Decorative Arts.

He also creates creations for CVL, DesignHeure, Drugeot LABO, and D’Argentat.

Maxime Lis
maxime lis

Maxime Lis is a young designer from Bordeaux who works full-time in design. Convinced that the right form is built by the study of technical processes, he has carried out numerous missions in different factories seeking to become more competent, informed and efficient in the industrial field. It is by observing and relying on an existing manufacturing plan that it frees itself from certain acquired knowledge and creates a new transversal process, often built by a very basic approach to the need. He tries to offer for each subject to rational and restrictive production, proposing solutions proactive and new alternatives.
Rationalizing production does not reduce the ergonomics or quality of a product.

Maxime Lis considers the modern object as the culmination of a synthesized production, both in terms of the exploitation of raw materials and the energy spent for their transformations. Design and function are placed in the foreground: the form, the aesthetic conclusion of his creations is therefore only the consequence of a technical purpose.

Coralie Frick et Arnaud Le Cat
coralie frick
arnaud le cat

Coralie Frick, born in 1983 in Liechtenstein and Arnaud Le Cat, born in 1985 in Paris, invent and design functional and refined design pieces to accompany new lifestyles, light and in motion.

Objects after objects - under the label “You Can Sleep In The Barn” they draw the contours of a minimalist, quality and moving living environment, as part of a French-made approach. Thus, they rigorously reinvent everyday objects to make them timeless and obvious with a refined aesthetic that follows function.

Coralie Frick and Arnaud Le
coralie prévert

Coralie Prévertis a brand born in Florence in 2014, then created in Paris in 2016.
It's a world of prints that starts with silk scarves and then extends to kimonos and soon to other products.

It is a precious, contemporary and colorful graphic universe, associated with the know-how of Italian printers with whom I work in close collaboration.

The common thread of all my creations is this little cartridge which reveals a phrase, a proverb, words which elevate the accessory to the rank of talisman.

It is a world where roots and journeys, harmonies and extravagances, shapes and words meet.

Coralie Prévert
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